Very interesting watches and engraving themes have come across my table. This one is no exception.

The watch is Halios “Tropik B” in bronze and the engraving theme is Pacific Northwest Coast native art. Think Tlingit, Tsimshian etc. It took me quite a while to get accommodated with the style and its composition rules, looked through quite a few books and videos. It was completely different and new to me, but also very interesting. And challenging. I like challenges.

Here’s the result.

Engraved Halios Tropik B watch

Engraved Halios Tropik B watch

Viljo Marrandi hand engraved watch

Engraved Halios watch

Hand engraved Halios Tropik B

Hand engraved Halios Tropik B

4 thoughts on “Engraved Halios “Tropik B” watch

  1. Hi,

    So the case is not steel, but bronze. Ho did you do it? It was by hand or you used a machine?

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