An interesting and challenging project in Celtic knot style. “Invicta” 1484 Specialy Collection Chronograph.

hand engraved invicta

Engraved “Invicta” watch

Challenge was twofold. I haven’t done much Celtic style before, so it was totally new “language” to me. Secondly, the case was very hard stainless steel with gold plating. Hardness meant that it broke quite a lot of graver tips and gold plating meant, that absolutely no mistakes allowed. When you scratch or slip in the gold plating, there is no real way to fix it.

hand engraved invicta chronograph

Engraved “Invicta” watch


hand engraved gold chronograph

Engraved “Invicta”, front view


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One thought on “Engraved “Invicta” watch

  1. Well, this piece is a real art work rather than a mere time-telling tool, very appealing

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