This project has been in the making since November 2013. Although in the end I spent 4 full workdays on it. Times have been busy, hour here and couple there is how it’s been.

So, the journey from start to finish in photos.

Starting engraving

Starting engraving

Left side completed

Left side completed

Applying ink to the engraving.

Inking the engraving

Inking the engraving

This is how the completed watch looks like.

Engraved Sottomarino watch

Engraved Sottomarino watch – 3/4 view

Engraved Sottomarino watch - sideview

Engraved Sottomarino watch – sideview

Engraved Sottomarino watch - front view

Engraved Sottomarino watch – front view

hand engraved watch

Engraved Sottomarino watch – top view


4 thoughts on “Engraved Sottomarino watch

  1. How much will the Sottomarino cost me including transportation to Finland. ? Yours: Thomas Näsman.

  2. What type of watch are perfect for engraving? Any specific watch case material?
    Cost of engraving?
    Thank you

  3. The softer the material, the better it is to engrave. Bronze, gold etc are really good. But stainless is workable, just need more time and patience for this.

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