It’s been a while since my last “serious” engraving project and I needed something to practice on. Recently I ordered a cheap watch from Mini In The Box specially for this purpose. On the site it was said that the case is made from stainless steel, but unfortunately it isn’t. It is some kind of soft alloy, probably pewter, and very soft. Which also means that it doesn’t take on very fine detail. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad either.

As this wasn’t too serious project and I didn’t want to spend much time on it, I drew the design directly on the watch using China White (fancy name for white watercolor) and 0.3mm pencil. Usually I take the contours for the design and then draw the scrollwork “offline” on the paper. Here are the main backbones drawn.

Watch engraving start

Watch engraving start

Bottom part contours are completed and shading is started.

Partially shaded watch engraving

Partially shaded

Bottom completely done, top part background is cut away.

Almost finished hand engraved watch

50% finished


Hand engraved wrist watch-

Engraving finished

Looks quite good on the wrist, doesn’t it?

Wearing hand engraved watch

Wearing the work

This watch has also quite large sides and bevel. Maybe at some point will engrave these too.

6 thoughts on “Engraved watch

  1. Dude, this is incredible!

    I’m thinking of starting on a couple of designs – I will definitely be keeping this in mind!

  2. Looks should start selling these online with a better movement and watch name

  3. I’m curious how you do this. Are you using a device to push around something like a chisel? How do you “shade” the metal? Is it an oxide layer?

    I’ve been playing with using an electric engraving pen (wen 12c) but I’d love to know how to get such beautiful smooth lines.

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