A project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long-long time – make few kitchen knives for myself. I got really tired of the cheap crap knives that needed to be sharpened every other day and they would still be dull after cutting only sausage and butter.

So I looked up which was best steel locally available and it turned out to be Uddeholm Elmax. High purity powder steel with good wear resistance and other nice properties. I ordered steel at the beginning of 2011, but turned out that factory was going to make thin enough sheets in a few months. So I waited… and waited. Finally received the steel sometime in summer.

Actually I finished the knives quite a while ago and been using them ever since. They are just a joy to use, but as these are my first kitchen knives, they’re not without flaws. Many of them. But it’s a start. I wanted to get practical experience with them, before doing any others. Also it turned out, that I need to make some changes to grinder, because right now I can’t get really good flat grinds.

Anyway, here are the knives:

Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives

Knives are 24cm and 13 long, blades are 13cm and 7cm respectively. Handle is of stabilized burl. Blade is heat treated to 60 HRC.

Long kitchen knife

Long kitchen knife

Short kitchen knife

Short kitchen knife

5 thoughts on “Two kitchen knives

  1. Love your metal engraving Viljo!

    I’ve just started my – alot to learn yet!

    Have you ever engraved on Stainless Steel?
    If so, what product would you recommend to darken the background? I’ve used Rub-N-Buff and Testor paint.
    Most of the gun products are only for steel, brass, and metal!

    Will check out more of your website!

    Greatly appreciate it!
    Bob Karolak

  2. Yes, I’ve engraved stainless. For background darkening you have several options. I currently use oil painters black paint. It takes a long time to dry, but easy to apply and gives real nice black. Other option is to use Hammerite, I think it US it’s called Rust-oleum or something. Gives good black, but Hammerite dries very quickly and is quite messy. You have to experiment what suits you.

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