My weakness is plain and shiny metal, which just asks to be engraved. As it happens, I bought a CZ452 Varmint rifle some time ago and it had a bolt. It needed to be engraved.

So far I’ve engraved the part, which is seen when the bolt is in open position. Someday I’ll do the closed position area too. It was quite an interesting experience to engrave it, because it was round and of rather hard metal.

CZ 452 with engraved bolt

CZ 452 bolt engraving close-up

CZ 452 bolt close-up

Bolt engraving close-up

2 thoughts on “Engraved rifle bolt

  1. Viljo, that is truly amazing. I have always imagined that working on cylindrical surfaces would be difficult, but not to a master such as your self.
    I would really love to send something for you to work your art with, but distance, and money will not permit me.

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