Quite a while ago I started one knife engraving project in sculpting. As it happened, it took longer than expected and now I finished the first side of the knife. This project is mainly a learning experiment, both the technique and style are rather experimental. This one side took 51 hours to complete.

Total length of the knife is 16cm, handle is 8.8cm.

Engraved knife full length

Engraved folder

Engraving close-up

Engraving close-up

3 thoughts on “Sculpted knife

  1. Viljo, the craftsmanship on that is amazing. The angles you cut are superb, and incredibly clean overall, but that style doesn’t excite me the way your earlier work has. Still, you’ve come a long way, and you’re curiosity and persistence is really paying off.

  2. Thanks Jack. Well, about the design I can say that it was very experimental and a first step in some direction. I tried to emulate Aer Nouveau, which is a style I really like. But of course there’s always room for improvement. My ‘old’ style won’t dissapear anywhere 🙂

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