When I started engraving I made one ‘record’ – engraving 10 lines in one mm. I was quite happy about it. But now time has moved on and I thought I need to push this a little.

The results are:

  • 29 lines per mm
  • ~200 dots per square mm (with little spare room)
How small can you engrave?

How small can you engrave?

As you can see, normal shading lines look darn huge here, actually to naked eye they create a nice smooth white-grey-black effect. Looks like normal shading for me is about 5-8 lines per mm. These dotted squares are with 1mm sides and the whole ‘channel’ is also 1mm wide.  Very light grey dotted area has maybe 70-80 dots, so there’s enough room to create nice in-between tones. Just need to find the right balance.

This is extreme close up and you are actually never supposed to see any engravings magnified that much.

4 thoughts on “New records

  1. “How small can you engrave?”
    Currently 32 lines per mm with a 120. I hope to get the 40 next year – ZEN 😉

    All the best!

  2. Viljo – i watch your progress since you started this homepage – you are so far in front of me. I am the one who needs a lot more of practice. Please go on – your pictures and informations are great!

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