Little while ago I did one small portrait for practice, now I’m halfway through with the whole image. The progress is quite slow on this, because I’m still learning the technique. So far it looks quite alright, but the hardest parts are not yet done – face and bulk of the body. Wings will not be too difficult, because nobody really knows how they should look like, it’s all fantasy there ;). Face is different story, even if you don’t know anything about art or composition, you can spot immediately when face doesn’t look right. Currently only the main outlines of face are done, eyes and nose are in right places, but mouth is little bit off. Need to fix that.

Bulino engraved angel

Bulino Angel (Artwork by Armando Huerta)

When this practice works out, then I will engrave that same image on silver Zippo and can send it out to a customer.

I’m really happy about customers who push me beyond my comfort zone, and are willing pay for these experiments. This is that kind of project – I’ve never done any bulino work before and starting with a human is quite a challenge.

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