Here are some things I’ve completed recently. Double bevel cut Zippo, vintage 1941B model:

Engraved Zippo lighter

While browsing around in some shop I found an interesting thing – stainless tablecloth hanger. To tell the truth, before I didn’t even know such things existed. But they could prove useful, you hang two or more of these on different corners of your tablecloth and they keep it straight and in place.

As with all plain metal things, I just had to try to engraving it:

Engraved tablecloth hanger

Again, on sale: Engraved tablecloth hanger.

From same shop I bought wine opener, it is waiting to be engraved. Hopefully in next few days.

In the future I hope to add new engraved items and also knives to the shop as often as I can, so you might want to check it from time to time, or subscribe to Shop Feed.

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