Don’t you just love it when you get something done? Past few weeks I’ve been working on a Zippo engraving for a customer. My first idea was to make it rather simple design, but that sort of didn’t work out. This is first of the ‘replicated pattern’ type of engraving I’ve done, at least on this level. One I made a mirrored design engraving, but I think this one is an improvement over the old one.

Anyways, that engraving is now completed. Here are few photos of engraving in progress.

Zippo engraving in progress

Zippo engraving in progress, half of the contours done.

In this stage the lower right corner is completely finished (I just wanted to see how the final result will look like, impatient as I am), all the shading is done and some of the background is removed (the more shiny spots).

Zippo engraving half finished

Zippo engraving half finished.

And here it is, completely finished.

Completed Zippo engraving

Completed Zippo engraving.

Design took about 8 hours (I’m still very slow at it) and engraving 13 hours.

So, what do y’all think about it?

14 thoughts on “Engraved Zippo

  1. Sometimes I use Hammerite black paint, but this time I used permanent pen (those that are used to write on CD’s). First I color the whole thing and then rub off the excess with finger.

  2. Greetings!

    Very nice job! Shows well against the gold case.

    I know that you were a programmer moving into a new profession and it certianly seems that you are excellent at the new line of work.

    How did you get started engraving? Did you take any classes? What type of equipment do you use?

    Thanks –

  3. Ron, thanks!

    I started engraving when the knives I made needed some embellishment :). And after trying for some time on my own I took 1-week GRS basic class from Sam Alfano and it really helped. For equipment I use Lindsay Classic graver with PalmControl, a very nice tool.

  4. my friend.. ur a true master.. doesn’t it feel really bad having to sell your own art? if only we all had enough money that we wont be loosing our works to strangers… and never get to see it again… anyway, may i ask, around how much are you selling these designs? you can email me about that…are you interested in other people’s design?

  5. Thanks, Mark. I’ve met quite a few engravers, who have engraved knives on your website. My goal is to be good enough one day to engrave a knife and be included also on your website 🙂

  6. :


    I’m quite impressed by your job. Nice !

    Is there some place to find acanthus drawings like yours ?

    Thanks !

    Thanks! Google Books had some rather interesting books about such designs and drawing, but last time I checked they were offline. Just search for ‘engraving’ or something similar on Google Books. (,M1)

    If you want to buy a few books, then Dover has a lot of good books about it.

  7. Thanks Vil, many thanks. BTW do you use graver with hammer or micropulse one ? I’m trying to replicate your lighter, can i send you pics after ?


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