When the word goes around, all kinds of strange things are wanted to be engraved. Knives, spoons, Zippos are now quite regular. And them comes someone who asks whether I could engrave something I’ve never heard about before.

This time it was electric guitar pickup cover. OK, I knew what electric guitar was, begin Queen fan myself, but I had really no idea what that cover was and what it’s used for. A change to learn and widen horizons. Now I know where it goes and additionally also how electric guitars actually work.

Anyway, here’s the engraving I came up with.

Engraved pickup cover

Close-up of the engraving.

Pickup cover engraving close-up

This engraving posed quite a challenge. As the detail was nickel plated, it meant “no mistakes allowed”, because when I’d slip during engraving, there’s no way to fix the mirror finish. With non-plated metal, there’s always a chance to sand or burnish down the mistake, but that’s not possible on plated detail.

I think it came out OK.

3 thoughts on “Engraved guitar pickup cover

  1. “I think it came out OK.”
    You’re way too modest. That is nothing short of what I see as pure genius.

  2. Thanks, Jack!

    Well, the thing is that I see many things that could be improved, especially design wise. But still, it’s the journey and learning experience that is fun.

  3. It’s amazing to see how quickly your skills have advanced with the engraving side of things.

    Those pickups look amazing.

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