UPDATE: giveaway is now over. Thanks for participating.

Did that get your attention? Good, because now is the chance to get free hand engraved 2GB USB memory stick. To participate simply leave a comment to this post stating “Me wants it” or anything with your email so I can contact the winner.

On 21st of Nov 2008 I will pick a random commenter and send the memory stick to him/her. Commenting once is enough, thank you.

This is what you are getting (measures 2.6×1.5cm).

Engraved memory stick

Engraved memory stick

If you made this far into the post I must say that this stick was a testpiece to see how good it is to engrave one. Conclusion – not that good. The metal is extremely soft and it’s very hard to do fine engraving. Also, I use acetone for design transfer and this melts the plastic. You can see from photos the problematic places.

But hey, it’s free and loaded with few of my knifemaking and engraving videos.

Next victim is either iPod Shuffle or spoon… Hmm.

26 thoughts on “Memory stick giveaway

  1. “ME WANT IT”I like the idea of combined modern technology with classic craftsmanship.

  2. amazing hobby – very artistic
    wish you could sell it like Jackson Pollock eventually did
    Keep it up – we are watching this space for more

  3. My wife wants it 🙂

    It looks beautiful, although you said it was hard to engrave on. How about trying to engrave a cheese cutter (slicer) – that would work for the Swedes…


  4. Graveerimine on midagi mis tundub minu mõistusele justkui midagi rasket, keerulist ja uskumatut.

    Aga ühte ma tean, asjad, mis on oma kätega tehtud, nendes on tegija hinge ja väge – need juskui kiirgavad.

  5. “Me wants it” Really I do..really really, I promise I want it…believe me already, I do want it very bad. Really!
    Or do I? Yes

  6. Me also wants zet beautiful stuff. Next should go the engravement on computer keyboard! 🙂

  7. Even though I didn’t make it on time (I’m always late for the nice stuff :D) it doesn’t make it less beautiful! Great job, as always!

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