I was in a finishing phase of Zippo engraving when I had an idea to try out time-lapse function on my camera. So I still had a chance to film shading, sharpening and stippling phases of engraving.

Vimeo better quality version: Engraving Zippo.

2 thoughts on “Engraving Zippo video

  1. Thanks for the Video. I love watching other people work while they are engraving. Only thing I wish is to have a normal speed video of it.

    You do great work.


  2. Thanks Mike. I did the time-lapse video, because I have watched some engraving DVD’s, where there are just minutes and minutes of plain cutting. Cut after cut after cut. It gets boring really quickly.

    But I think I will do more proper overview video of engraving anyway sometime. So I will include that real-time engraving there.

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