Here’s your chance to help me.

This autumn I want to do a small advertising campaign to promote my hand engraving and custom knife business. Currently I have 3 things in the list I want to make for this campaign:

  • iPod nano with engraved back (maybe even a pair – black & pink, for him and for her)
  • Silver Zippo with full hand engraving
  • Engraved custom knife

Campaign purpose is to promote hand engraving and custom knives, at the same time drive traffic to my blog and website, generate links and get up in Google ranks. I want to make it a campaign in disguise – there will be a competition and winners will get these prizes.

Now here’s what I need. Ideas for which competition(s) to make. That competition should also be something that’s useful. Be it something to do with marketing (best ideas what and where to market), products (what cool things to engrave, like iPods) or whatever.

How to make this campaign more… um, viral? I want it to spread. I will probably do a photo session (hire a model and the whole shebang) and a short video for it. More ideas are very welcome, also about photo and video!

People who will comment this post and have good ideas will get a small something from me. Can’t say right now what it is, as it’s creation is in very early phases. But it’s coming. Two sides with about 15mm diameter.


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6 thoughts on “I need ideas for an ad campaign

  1. Sounds like a good way to get your business up and running.

    It’s been really big lately to get laptops engraved. I’ve also heard about people engraving portraits into crystal. As an engraver myself I can appreciate what you’re doing.

    If you need a new engraving machine check us out, we probably have just what you’re looking for.

  2. Laser Engraver, unfortunately laptops are out of question, same with crystal portraits.

    What I do is hand engraving and only on metals. Plain old manual work :).

  3. Vijo,

    You tube has become exceptionally popular, so run a campaign for amateur knife makers or Hunters. Maybe the biggest game on video receives the prize, and i would go with a knife. These people will spend the money and appreciate those things. Maybe you even take video submissions of an engravers challenge where people send you challenges on what to engrave, obviously you make the rules, but you have an opportunity to reach many people that way.

    Hope it helps,

    Charlie Meek

  4. Vijo,

    One more thought, I was thinking about the whole model thing lol. Why dont you do a destruction test of your toughest knives and let the model do the test. Afterwards you can show of the knives with engraving.

    Just a thought,

    Charlie Meek

  5. I just watched your knife making YouTube and followed the link to your web page.
    Your engravings are timeless. Concider the life span of the current iPhone or IPod is short.

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