We haven’t been slacking for the past month. Oh no, far from that! Besides ordering a heat treatment oven, which should arrive in few weeks, we also made 3 new knives out of which 2 are already engraved and 1 sold. Plus little doodling with engraving.

Anyways, here are the 3 knives.

A little closeup of engraving:

Handles on that knife were made of cocobolo. I really-really like its pattern. Now one of my favourite woods.

Here are 2 others. The dark wood you see on one knife is wenge and the reddish one is mahogany.

3 thoughts on “Three new knives

  1. I might be too late with this, but is the knife with the dark handle and engraving on the bolster for sale at all? I really really like it 🙂

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