I’m little late for the 1st anniversary, it was on 3rd of April, but congrats anyway to… me! This year there has been 21,024 visits to this blog and best day was the first day, when it went up on reddit and digg – 3,025 visitors. Currently the average views per day is around 100, peaking at around 170. I think I’m pleased.

Big kudos to my friend Peeter, who suggested that this might be an interesting thing to blog about. “Thing” is of course how to change your life and follow your dream. It didn’t work out so fast as I wanted, as I had to go back to regular office work to keep my skin warm. But the pursuing is still going on and I learn new stuff about knives and engraving all the time. Fortunately there’s still very-very much to go.

Now the interesting part. I made a video of how we make hidden tang knife and a sheath for it.

Knife itself looks like this:

Handmade knife with sheath

HD video from Vimeo is available from Making hidden tang knife video


Right now I have engraving video in making and soon I hope to make also a short vid of how we make a blade. Later maybe damascus making, stabilizing wood etc.


4 thoughts on “Blog anniversary and knife making video

  1. Absolutely fantastic video guys!

    I’m glad I found this great blog especially since I myself am doing the whole “from programmer to blacksmith” journey at the moment.

    It’s starting out rather slowly due to time/money constraints but at least I’ve found a smith that was willing to let me work in his shop whenever I have spare time. Couldn’t be happier.

    Please keep the great articles and videos coming, such great material (especially the video) is hard to come by.

  2. I randomly found this browsing the web, and it’s really interesting. I’m a knifemaker who is a burnout case network engineer!

    nice work, too.

  3. That is one of the most beautiful knives I have seen in a while. I would like to have this in my collection.

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