Quite peaceful lately here, huh? Well, there are reasons for everything, even for this long pause of quietness.

The following might be come as a shock to someone, so all you who are under 18 years of age, please call your parents and read the rest of the post with them. They can help you get over, if you happen to get traumatized.

OK, so here it comes.

I went back to work. The regular, usual, everyday ‘boring’ 9-5 office job.

I signed the contract with Skype before Christmas and started the work on 2nd of January. The position I have is systems administrator. Hey, at least we have free lunches plus free calls over Skype…

The reason, you might ask? Reason is very simple. Money, plain and simple as that. During the time I worked as freelance knife maker and engraver I had almost completely wasted my savings I had had, and knives didn’t bring in anything yet. So the reasonable part of me won over and I took the job.

But friends, all is not lost. I will definitely keep on engraving and making knives. Plus now that I have constant inflow of money I can afford to buy all the tools, materials, books and courses I need. And money to market the products and web…

Now I know that just jumping in overnight like that doesn’t work _that_ well. I need time to learn and market needs time adjust with one more maker competing for customers.

As of the website name contest. Unfortunately I must say that finally I didn’t pick any of your suggestions. It was hard decision. I had to choose (hopefully) a domain name for long-long time. I wanted it to be very simple and very search engine friendly. So the name I chose is knivesandengraving.com. I hope to put something up there real soon now ™. BUT, I will be giving out the engraved Zippo anyway. I just have to figure out who will get it – who submitted the most entries, who picked the coolest name, randomly?

One thought on “Moving forward, or backward?

  1. On one hand, I’m sad for you that you had to go back to “real” work. On the other hand, you have had a rare opportunity to pursue your dreams, and have been able to immerse yourself in your passion. I’m confident that it will come again. Good luck!

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