A little contest for all readers. Prize is brand new Zippo, engraved by me, looking something like this:

Hand engraved Zippo lighter

Plus, I can engrave your name, or any other text for that matter, on the lighter, if winner wishes so.

I need to create a new web page for products and services we offer – making knives, swords, doing engravings on all kinds of things etc. But I need a good domain name for this web page. And this is where you come in. If one of you suggest a domain name which I’ll use, you get the prize (free shipping to anywhere in the world).

Contest rules:

  1. It has to be free .com domain
  2. The name should reflect what we do, to make search engines happy. Some ideas to get you started:
    1. hand engraving, custom engraving, engraving, engraver etc
    2. knives, custom knives
    3. swords, katanas
    4. art, custom etc.

    I definitely prefer names that are ‘engraving‘ related, for that will be our main focus. Knives, swords, watches, pens and whatnot will be just by-products.

  3. Short(ish) name and easy to spell
  4. Write the suggestions to comments of this post
  5. Deadline is 31st of December 2007

Best names I came up myself are: handengraversite, customengraving, engraversite, thehandengraver. Don’t offer these, beat them 🙂

Pass this post on to your friends, if they win then at least you get to see the Zippo.


EDIT: I put 2 of my engraved Zippos up to eBay, their auction ends at Sunday night (Pacific time). Check ’em out: Design 1 and Design 2. Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “Domain name contest

  1. bengraving.com (ufourtunately zengraving.com is taken)





  2. fineengraving.com

    a dash might be used to separate any of these as well
    and that zippo looks great

  3. blacksmithengravur.com
    (actually blacksmith engravur but this works on so many levels. blacksmith the engravur, blacksmith then engravur, etc. you see several word combinations in there. this is my favorite)


  4. you need a name that lures everyone
    and everyone likes a good bargain so
    i think it should be “engraveandsave.com”

  5. the first thing that came to mind was a parody of m.c. escher, the famous artist.


  6. what about
    just off the top of my head

  7. “exclusiveengraving.com”

  8. I think New Year has arrived to everywhere already. So contest is closed as of now. I’ll let you know very soon when the domain will be who will be the winner (if domain will have a name from your recommendations).

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