Again it’s been a while since my last post, but do believe me, I’ve not wasted my time. Actually most of the time after engraving class in Antwerp I’ve been engraving. 2-3 days after the class we used for building a workplace and necessary tools to start engraving – table, vise, sharpener and so on and after that – engraving, engraving, engraving. It has been very interesting and I can see my own progress advancing with every piece I do. Soon I’ll try to make a little overview of the whole process, but right now here are 2 knives that are made by my dad and engraved by me.


This knife is engraved using relief engraving technique – very time consuming but also very attractive. The engraving alone took about 7 days of work.

Here’s a little close-up of relief engraving:

Bolster close up

This next knife has much simpler engraving and one side took about 10-12 hours to complete:


2 thoughts on “From programmer to… engraver?

  1. Nice work. I’m a 20+ year now computer guy (data center designer) that is looking to move into engeneered art. Waterjet cut stonework. I have been looking at engraved work for some tips. Nice site and nice work. good luck in this endever.

    Charlie from Phoenix AZ.

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